The Founders of the Dayton Street Opportunity Center

The Dayton Street Opportunity center, LLC was co-founded by the Fields Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, and Mosaic Church of Aurora in August of 2013. Through shared vision, values and strategy we will collectively work to provide more opportunities for families in the community.

Below is some background on each organization:

The Fields Foundation

Mission: To ensure all children from the ages of zero to 24 have a fair, safe, healthy, head start towards a successful passage to adulthood. Our vision is to empower children, youth and families by providing access to healthcare, quality education and positive character development.

Vision: The Fields Foundation has a long-term vision that sees all children ages zero to 24 years in Aurora and northeast Denver having equal access to high quality preschool-graduate level schools, college access and readiness courses, employment opportunities and wrap-around health-promoting/prevention services that will improve the overall health, education and quality of life of the community’s families.

Mosaic Church of Aurora

Mission: Mosaic Church of Aurora was created in August of 2012 as God opened the eyes of Reid Hettich to the needs of the North Urban Aurora community. The dream that emerged was of a multi ethnic, economically diverse, community focused church.